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What is Zinc Oxide?


Zinc is a trace element that is plentiful in the human body. A component that has been utilised in health and skincare products for millennia. Although we don't know when the advantages of this chemical were identified for the first time, the oldest and closest reference is thought to be a description of a medicinal salve called Pushpanjan in the Charaka Samhita, used to cure open wounds in India circa 500 BC.

Zinc oxide gets its name from zincite, a mineral that is formed when oxygen molecules mix with it. Because it is not water soluble, it is extensively utilised and has diverse uses, and may thus be employed in a range of creams. When combined with other components for healthy skin, zinc oxide may soothe and protect the skin from irritants.

Zinc oxide is commonly used in modern medicine to treat skin damage such as burns or scars, irritation, SPF, wound healing, and may even function as a protective barrier on the skin to trap moisture in while keeping pathogens out.

While zinc shortage is recognised to induce delayed wound healing, the actual role of zinc in wound healing remained unknown until recently.

Clinical results have demonstrated that topical zinc oxide improved wound healing, boosted re-epithelialization, reduced infection rates, and slowed ulcer degeneration.

Regardless of zinc status, topical zinc oxide has been proven to increase the pace of wound healing in patients.

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