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I’m a picker and suffer with a lot of hormonal acne and dry patches.
I have never found a cream that works this good. I will never buy a different one again!

Life changing!

I have a patch of red irritated skin with occasional blisters on one of my cheeks. I've been using the Recovery cream on it, and the area is definitely improving! No horrible blisters and the skin is much calmer. Im so happy!

Amazing for everything cream

After reading reviews and looking for something for my nearly teen daughter to use on her sensitive skin I decided to try this cream. It has been brilliant. She had no redness/reaction( a first for anything for her face) and it really helped with the mild acne she has been getting and the dry patches too. We have also used this for sunburn (face ) with amazing results, the redness was gone the next day…. No peeling, absolutely no trace there had been burn. Have also used on a large graze on the leg, with amazing healing results. I can’t recommend enough, and the lady that owns obvs has always been so helpful and friendly. Thank you for a amazing product and service .


Has tackled my dry cheeks which were impossible to sort. I have a really oily t one and this sinks right in and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin

Amazing Magic Cream!

Sian sent me a sample of the intensive recovery cream to help with some dry skin at the tops of my arms. Used it within a day and already noticed a difference. I purchased a larger tub and my skin feels so smooth! Added bonus is it makes a fantastic nappy rash cream!

Amazing results

My husband is diabetic and gets terrible red angry patches on his shins and particularly as cuts don't heal very well. Even within a couple of days of applying the Intensive Skin Recovery Cream, the red patches looked less angry. Obviously we don't expect his legs to clear up completely as this is an ongoing issue, but we are so happy with the results.

Incredible intensive skin recovery cream

I brought this product for my teenage daughter to help with little break outs. It's been amazing, she absolutely loves it and the results are fantastic, thank you


This cream smells incredible and It’s so good on my skin , I could feel the difference with in a week of using it, and haven’t looked back. I Use it every morning with out fail. My skin stays hydrated and moisturised all day , feels really gorgeous under my make up too. Really worth a try for all skin types.

Nice product

At first it sat on my skin and made it very greasy but I’ve realised you don’t need as much as I was using. A little goes along way! I use it as a night cream and my skin feels nice and soft in the morning and it helps when I have a breakout.

Lovely Glow

I have pretty oily skin and so was apprehensive about using an oil based moisturiser. After a couple of days my skin got used to it, and I haven’t looked back. Yesterday I saw a friend who I hadn’t seen in a couple of months, which was before I had started using the Morning Mandarin cream. She commented how well I looked, and how my face was positively glowing. 🤩

Really nice products and reasonably priced

Bought a skin recovery cream, I also received the Organic Moisturiser - Naked (Fragrance Free) free sample, which I really like, as it is not oily as other brands. The Intensive Skin Recovery Cream is lovely, helps with any burns from hot oil (buy if you work in the kitchen). Very sensibly priced as well.
I do recommend and will buy again

Magic cream

This is now our go to cream! I bought the intensive recovery cream on a whim having been searching for something to help with my daughter’s eczema and my hormonal acne/rosacea. I was amazed by the results of the first application - I put the cream on my daughter’s arm before bed and in the morning her eczema had nearly completely cleared!
I’ve been suffering with tender, sore spots on my nose for over a year now and this cream is so soothing. I had a bad flare up on Thursday, applied the cream and by Friday the spots were healing and now on Sunday they have completely cleared. We call this our magic cream and that’s just what it is!

Instantly soothing

I bought this for my other half as he has old burn scars on his face that sometimes flare up. It worked wonders on his face. I've also used it recently as I had an allergic reaction to a plaster so I put this on a straight away the irritation stopped. I'll keep applying for a few days in the hope that the red rash will go.

Organic Moisturiser

Loverly creamy Organic Mandarin moisturiser. Beautiful perfume and very gentle on my skin.Can already feel and see the difference this Moisturiser has made to my skin.. I was wary about trying this new cream as I am prone to allergies, but have had no reactions at all and my skin feels really soft.


After trying the naked moisturiser which I loved , I decided to move to morning mandarin for everyday use. It is fabulous great texture, wonderful scent and my skin is starting to have a wonderful freshness will defo keep using these products I reccomend to everyone . Sian you and your products are totally fabulous thank you

Marvellous Morning Mandarin

Love Obvs Organic Morning Mandarin Moisturiser. The scent is natural and uplifting, and it and keeps my skin feeling lovely and moisturised. Would absolutely recommend. Thank you for an amazing product Sian :)

Best moisturiser

I am a big fan of obvs and love the mandarin mosturiser.


After a severe allergic reaction about 15yrs ago caused by unknow product i have never used anything on my face other than a basic cream suggested by a nurse After reading anazing reviews i dared to try it. Amazing, no reaction used daily have now progressed to morning mandarin and would recommend to everyone. 💕

Should be available on the NHS

The intensive recovery cream was bought for my teenage daughter who suffers from angry red acne all over her face. Different treatments had been supplied by the GP but in reality none of them were working - so having read why Sian created it in the first place, I decided to buy some and give it a go.
The results have left me gobsmacked. She has been using the cream on the affected areas once a day at night. After a few days there was a noticeable difference. After 2 weeks it was like a miracle was happening. We’re now at week 4, and her skin is completely unrecognisable! There are of course some discolourations and the odd spot, but there’s no angryness, and I would suggest at least 90% gone.
Every teenager suffering acne should have access to this cream. It definitely should be a prescription option, and would prevent teens resorting to putting alsorts of chemicals either onto their skin or into their bodies. But most importantly - this cream actually works, unlike the prescription options we’d been given previously.

Evening Lavender

I adore this moisturiser. It smells wonderful and my skin is no longer dry. I apply it every night and it sinks into my skin beautifully. I wouldn’t buy any other moisturiser.

Awesome product

This is a fantastic natural feeling product. My tween daughter uses it as a cleanser and absolutely loves how it feels. A big miracle in a little pot....thank you Obvs 😊

Very happy !

I suffer with dry skin breaking out and no matter what I did it would all ways reappear, I tried this cream after some great recommendations and I’m not disappointed I’m very happy so far , finally a cream that works!

Morning Mandarin

Love love LOVE this moisturiser. I think I'm on my third tin! So pleased I've found an amazing product that's cruelty free, vegan, organic AND kind to the environment. The intensive recovery cream has been great for my recent sunburn too. Thank you so much for your creations! X

Lovely cream for mature skin

Leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised.. lovely in the morning under makeup

Amazing Recovery Cream

Our daughter suffers with eczema which has been for a while now, doctor has told us to change formula etc. given different creams mainly because each time I’ve been speaking to a different doctor which has no consistency for our daughter so took matters into my own hands haha as I’ve been confused about what actually is the right direction for her! Nothing has really worked, so I gave the recovery cream ago! Within the first day of using the redness calmed and you could see the areas improving by day three! We use an ointment now to really hydrate the area but I honestly don’t think we would have seen improvements without using the recovery cream! Ordered another pot to have on standby when we notice any flare ups!

It’s always trial and error with babies and trying this cream was one of the best choices we did; thanks Sian :)