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After a severe allergic reaction about 15yrs ago caused by unknow product i have never used anything on my face other than a basic cream suggested by a nurse After reading anazing reviews i dared to try it. Amazing, no reaction used daily have now progressed to morning mandarin and would recommend to everyone. 💕

Should be available on the NHS

The intensive recovery cream was bought for my teenage daughter who suffers from angry red acne all over her face. Different treatments had been supplied by the GP but in reality none of them were working - so having read why Sian created it in the first place, I decided to buy some and give it a go.
The results have left me gobsmacked. She has been using the cream on the affected areas once a day at night. After a few days there was a noticeable difference. After 2 weeks it was like a miracle was happening. We’re now at week 4, and her skin is completely unrecognisable! There are of course some discolourations and the odd spot, but there’s no angryness, and I would suggest at least 90% gone.
Every teenager suffering acne should have access to this cream. It definitely should be a prescription option, and would prevent teens resorting to putting alsorts of chemicals either onto their skin or into their bodies. But most importantly - this cream actually works, unlike the prescription options we’d been given previously.

Evening Lavender

I adore this moisturiser. It smells wonderful and my skin is no longer dry. I apply it every night and it sinks into my skin beautifully. I wouldn’t buy any other moisturiser.

Awesome product

This is a fantastic natural feeling product. My tween daughter uses it as a cleanser and absolutely loves how it feels. A big miracle in a little pot....thank you Obvs 😊

Very happy !

I suffer with dry skin breaking out and no matter what I did it would all ways reappear, I tried this cream after some great recommendations and I’m not disappointed I’m very happy so far , finally a cream that works!

Morning Mandarin

Love love LOVE this moisturiser. I think I'm on my third tin! So pleased I've found an amazing product that's cruelty free, vegan, organic AND kind to the environment. The intensive recovery cream has been great for my recent sunburn too. Thank you so much for your creations! X

Lovely cream for mature skin

Leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised.. lovely in the morning under makeup

Amazing Recovery Cream

Our daughter suffers with eczema which has been for a while now, doctor has told us to change formula etc. given different creams mainly because each time I’ve been speaking to a different doctor which has no consistency for our daughter so took matters into my own hands haha as I’ve been confused about what actually is the right direction for her! Nothing has really worked, so I gave the recovery cream ago! Within the first day of using the redness calmed and you could see the areas improving by day three! We use an ointment now to really hydrate the area but I honestly don’t think we would have seen improvements without using the recovery cream! Ordered another pot to have on standby when we notice any flare ups!

It’s always trial and error with babies and trying this cream was one of the best choices we did; thanks Sian :)

3 soggy doggy’s that have all been scrubbed clean using the dog soap.

I love using this on them it’s so easy to run over them and lathers up really well. Skye is suffering with her skin after a few washes is seems to be settling slightly so fingers crossed obvs skincare is working it’s magic for us again! Misty is also an itchy dog so hopefully this will help her. They all look so shiny once they are dry too. Loving the pet products.

I have a nickel allergy which unfortunately is found in stainless steel.

Wearing a watch on my wrist inevitably bring out the reaction. When the itching starts I remove the watch but the reaction usually continues on the skin turning the area very sore and blisters. Takes about 6 weeks to heal.
Recently put the Intensive Healing cream as soon as the itching started and by the next day there’s no sign of any reaction on my skin
I knew this cream was good going by other peoples experiences but I’m 100% sold by how it’s sorted out the nickel allergy - actually I’m still in disbelief as for years I’ve tried a number of different creams and oils to no avail
Thank you for creating such an amazing product!

We call this cream our magic cream!!

we use it on cuts, grazes, sun burn, rashes, spots its a little pot of magic. when my daughter fell over today she grazed her knees and hands and straight away she asked for the magic cream....her hands felt instantly better!!

I can't believe how fast the creams worked

When Itoro was a baby he suffered really bad with dry skin so bad we had to see a skin specialist, they prescribed steroid creams and for a bit they worked, but then the skin on his hands and nails reacted badly and they became sore. thankfully he seemed to grow out of it untill a week ago I noticed marks on the inside of his leg Itoro was saying it was itchy and painful, I messaged sian about the intensive skin recovery cream as I have seen such amazing results!! Sian recommended using the organic moisturiser along side the recovery cream. the results speak for them self's AMAZING!! as soon as I put the cream on his leg his face relaxed and he said the itching and pain had stopped! I put the cream on again before bed and by the morning it was barely a mark.

Intensive skin recovery cream

An absolutely fantastic product. Works brilliantly from teen spots to baby eczema. The mousse like texture is so soothing and easy to massag in to wriggling skin.
It's an excellent investment you won't regret

Best cream ever!!!

I suffer from psoriasis, and adult acne; this cream has been a god send!! So much so I’ve even got my mum to Chuck out all her normal skin creams and just use obvi! We both love and adore it and scream
It from the roof top! I can’t thank Sian enough!! Amazing!!!!

Fab Moisturiser

Sinks in beautifully and a pot seems to last forever. The added bonus of all recyclable packaging, just perfect. Would highly recommend.

And the power of OBVS has saved us again.

My little girl had a very nasty accident on her scooter which resulted in her face being very badly injured. She struggled to speak the swelling was so bad and the cuts looked like they would almost certainly scar. We started applying the intensive recovery cream on day 2 when she would allow us to touch her face and by day 5 you wouldn't have known she had been in an accident. We can't still believe how quickly the swelling went down and her face healed. She now asks for Sianies magic cream for everything 😆. So very thankful for OBVS again 🤩

I'm sorry I didn't purchase sooner.

My little girl is 15 months old and I was always told by healthcare professionals that she was very like to have eczema because her dad had asthma, eczema and many allergies. Since she was born we have been getting various creams on prescription. Bath emollients. Steroids. I have been told time and time again that 'it is one of those things' that my daughter is to have sore, red skin for the rest of her life because of her genes.
Until after Sara going on and on at me to buy your cream. And I did. And it was the best thing that I have ever done. Within a few days my daughter's skin isn't red, dry, itchy.
Thank you. You are amazing. And I'm sorry I didn't purchase sooner.
Ive just made another order. You have a customer for life ❤️

Superb Skincare Range

I adore the products in this skincare range but the recovery cream is particularly special to me. It works brilliantly on my sensitive skin and leaves my face feeling nourished and not greasy. The passion that Sian has for this brand and the values behind it is inspiring. To be able to support a local business as well is the icing on the cake!

Smells amazing!

Morning mandarin is a beautiful cream, such a gorgeous natural sweet orange scent. I love applying it in the mornings after cleansing, a little goes along way and it really does wake your skin up. I recently had someone at work comment on how smooth and glowy my skin looked. Highly recommend!

Magic in a tin!

I have been using this cream round my eyes only, for the last 5 months, due to having exceptionally dry menopausal skin in this area. I started off with twice a day, and after a short while only needed once a day. Not only has this cream been perfect, and so much better at its job than anything I could find in the shops - there has been an additional piece of magic. My crows feet have totally disappeared! Completely amazing! 🤩

Amazing difference in weeks

Using the naked moisturiser and recovery cream has done wonders for my acne and eccema, couldn’t recommend enough


I adore this balm, ethical, vegan and a local business too. Sian is passionate like me about sustainable beauty and very attentive at getting back to you with any questions. Highly recommend.

It’s all about the lavender 💜

Love this cream! A little goes a long way and it’s such a nice consistency. It’s so creamy initially then glides on like an emollient type cream, (however even great for oily skin) and I still feel moisturised by the morning. LOVE the lavender smell it’s incredible, not overpowering just right. Bought the larger size this time! 🙌🏼

Won't use anything else now!

My friend bought me this as a gift as i try to use natural products as possible. I loved it! Went back to using some of my other products i had left in the cupboard for a short while but could feel they were not the same (even though i thought they were natural products too)! Love both the lavender and the manderin and how they make the skin feel - thank you!

Cleared my skin within days!

I suffer with keratosis pilaris on my upper arms. I have tried various different creams and body washes that have made no difference at all and are just full of chemicals. Since trying the intensive recivery cream it almost cleared up within days!
Thank you!