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Mum's Know Best... Or Do They? Skincare Myths We Grew Up With.

We all know the feeling: Mum dispensing wisdom from her seemingly endless well of knowledge. But let's be honest, some of those pearls may not be as accurate as we once thought, especially when it comes to skincare.

Here are some common myths we grew up with that it's time to debunk:  

  1. Cold Water Shrinks Pores: While a refreshing splash might wake you up, it won't shrink those pores. They're determined by genetics, not temperature.
  1. Toothpaste Zaps Zits: This DIY solution can backfire! Toothpaste irritates and dries the skin, potentially making breakouts worse. 
  1. Pop Those Pimples! It's tempting, but resist the urge! Squeezing spreads bacteria and increases the risk of scarring. 
  1. Daily Exfoliation is the Key: Too much of a good thing can be bad! Over-exfoliating strips away natural oils, leaving your skin dry and irritated. 
  1. Cucumbers Cure Puffy Eyes: Sorry to burst your bubble, but cucumber slices are more of a spa-like treat than a lasting solution for puffiness. 
  1. Don't Make Faces! While facial expressions can contribute to fine lines, the breakdown of collagen and elastin is the main culprit for wrinkles.


Remember, while Mum's advice comes from a place of love, consulting a dermatologist or aesthetician is always best for personalised skincare advice. So, show your mum some appreciation this Mother's Day, but when it comes to your skin, trust the experts!

And for Mum's who deserve only the best, treat her to a gift that truly cares! Obvs Skincare's enchanting Mother's Day Gift Box is crafted with love, using organic and vegan ingredients, and is completely plastic-free.

Spoil her with calming lavender moisturiser, fragrant Himalayan Rose soap, and an eco-friendly soap bag, all presented in a beautiful heart box with a thoughtful gift card. Celebrate Mum sustainably and show her how much you care with Obvs Skincare!


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